Construction Cleaning Services for new and Renovated Constructions

We clear and clean hurdles.

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Pressure Washing Services

Our service includes:

Have you constructed or renovated your house? You would probably be facing the post-construction problem of left materials. Usually, demolition and construction go side by side. Therefore, the left materials create a mess.

Furthermore, they create hurdles in the path and regular routine. You will need to eliminate this mess. This way, you will enjoy a pleasant experience.

Don’t worry.

Pressure Washing King has a perfect post-construction cleaning service for you. We will completely discard all the post-construction waste. Our construction cleaning company will help you clean and wash the construction site.


Why Choose Our Service Provider

A clean home is a healthy home. We will provide a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

You will get satisfactory results. We will offer you 24 hours work warranty.
All of your services will be reliable. Our professional staff will help you get the desired results.

You will get various washing, cleaning, vacuuming, scouring, and dusting services. Therefore, you will handle the cleaning of all the household items.

We have all the types of equipment essential for the cleaning process.

Our services are flexible and convenient. You can book us online. We will be at your doorstep.

Our Construction Washing and Cleaning Services

We serve:

  • Houses and residential colonies
  • Educational institutions
  • Offices
  • Industries and factories
  • Financial institutions
  • Real estate and property management companies
  • Government and semi-governmental institutions
  • Private companies and corporates
  • Hospitals, clinics, and health clubs
  • Sports stadiums, complexes, and grounds
  • Religious institutions

and so on.

Are you interested in working with our post-construction cleaning company?

Contact us now for new construction and renovation cleaning services. We will deliver reliable cleaning services.

Construction Cleaning Services

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Cost of a Construction Cleaning Services:

Cost of a construction cleaning service depends on multiple factors.

You can contact us for different cleaning packages. We will offer you customized offers. These will include your desired services, preferences and priorities. You can also ask for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services.
Type of service you need
Construction Area
Number of resourcses required

We Offer Different Services to Clean Your Area