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What are the benefits of a fleet washing services?

Have you made your plan for a professional fleet washing services? We have got a perfect package for your business.

At Pressure Washing King, we deliver fleet and mobile truck washing services throughout the USA. Our team of experienced workers offer quick and reliable washing services.

We believe in:

  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • Quality work.
  • Flexible services according to your requirements.
  • All-in-one fleet service for all types of vehicles.
  • Eco-friendly service.
  • Water reclamation via careful water usage and drainage.
  • Industrial standards for top-notch services

Why should you hire us for your fleet washing services?

  • We deal with all commercial vehicles (trucks, semi-trucks, buses, cars, trailers).
  • Our standard and pressure washers are efficient and super fast.
  • We use innovative technology and machinery.
  • You will get professional services with a warranty.
  • We deal with all types of small and large businesses.
  • Our packages are broad, ranging from one-time to regular washing services.
  • You can utilize our local cleaning units all over the United States.
  • Our washing process is eco-friendly and safe. We consider all the safety measures to ensure satisfactory results.
  • We have all the resources and equipment for the proper washing service.

Our Fleet Washing Services

The outer body of the fleet needs regular washing and polishing. Our workers deal with all types of external fleet washing. We will remove the debris, grease and dirt from the tyres, doors, external surface and vehicle floor. You can have a unique washing service for your aluminum or steel trucks. We deal with all types of vehicles.

Internal fleet washing requires professional service. Our fleet washers will ensure a perfect internal fleet service. Our primary internal fleet washing and cleaning services are:

  • Spraying and rinsing the soft and light parts
  • Vacuuming the debris and dust from the vehicle
  • Dirt removal by spraying and dusting
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Removing trash and junk from the fleet
  • Cleaning and shining the interior car parts, carpet pads, dashboard, and seats
Some dust and debris are hard to remove. Therefore, we use pressure washing. The pressure washing service thoroughly removes all the hard-to-remove substances from the vehicle.

We also deliver trailer washout service. Our trailer washers will remove the debris, wood, grease and other waste in the holes and gaps of the doors and corners.

Drivers may not focus on undercarriage maintenance. Any fault may cause heavy loss. Therefore, we wash away all the chemicals, mud, and debris from the undercarriage. In this way, we ensure safety for your fleet.


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Types of fleet washing services:

  1. Fleet maintenance rinsing:

Sometimes, your fleet may not require thorough washing and cleaning. We value your time and money. Therefore, we will offer only fleet maintenance rinsing. It includes:

  • Simple fleet refurbishment via water
  • Dry cleaning of the external and internal vehicle parts
  • Removal of trash and debris
  1. Complete fleet washing and cleaning:

Our complete fleet washing service includes:

  • Washing away all the dirt and grease from the outer surface
  • Shinning the windows, trailer, and outer body of the mobile truck
  • Interior washing of the trailer
  • Cleaning of seats, dashboard, carpet pads, and other interior parts
  • Undercarriage washing service
  • Tyre washing service

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